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Name: Malvern topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Malvern, Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, England, WR14 2HX, United Kingdom (52.07596 -2.36590 52.15596 -2.28590)

Average elevation: 95 m

Minimum elevation: 19 m

Maximum elevation: 423 m

Malvern lies in the Lower Severn/Avon plain affording it a degree of shelter caused by virtue of its nestling in between the Cotswold hills to the east, the Welsh Hills and Mountains to the west, and Birmingham plateau to the north. Although as with all the British Isles it has a maritime climate, the local topography means summer warmth can become emphasised by a slight foehn effect off the surrounding hills. The record maximum stands at 35.8c(96.4f) set in August 1990. Typically 17.3 days of the year will reach 25.1c(77.2f) or higher and the annual warmest day should reach 29.8c(85.6f) according to the 1971–00 observing period.

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