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Burundi (-3.36344 29.88706)

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Name: Burundi topographic map, elevation, relief.
Coordinates: -4.46932 29.00074 -2.30968 30.84985
Minimum elevation: 706 m
Maximum elevation: 3,405 m
Average elevation: 1,458 m


The average elevation of the central plateau is 1,707 m (5,600 ft), with lower elevations at the borders. The highest peak, Mount Heha at 2,685 m (8,810 ft), lies to the southeast of the largest city and economic capital, Bujumbura. The source of the Nile River is in Bururi province, and is linked from Lake Victoria to its headwaters via the Ruvyironza River. Lake Victoria is also an important water source, which serves as a fork to the Kagera River. Another major lake is Lake Tanganyika, located in much of Burundi's southwestern corner.

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Burundi > Bujumbura Mairie > Bujumbura

Bujumbura, Bujumbura Mairie, 6760, Burundi (-3.36381 29.36750)

Coordinates: -3.52381 29.20750 -3.20381 29.52750 - Minimum elevation: 767 m - Maximum elevation: 2,642 m - Average elevation: 1,165 m